What, fisticuffs?

I had to write a little fight scene recently for my Elizabethan work-in-progress. This series is light on violence, but sometimes a man must defend himself. I personally have never been in a fist fight and I draw the line at that level of verisimilitude. So I had to do a little research.

I got some practical advice from Rayne Hall’s Writing Fight Scenes, thought it’s mostly about cat balloufighting with medieval weapons. Still helpful.

For inspiration — to get the level and style of violence juuuust right, I turned to one of my favorite movies, an evergreen source of inspiration, Cat Ballou.

“At first you don’t think you can stand to get hit. Then you realize that you can take it cuz the blood don’t matter and you know you’re gonna live. It’s a great gift I’m gonna give you – to know it don’t hurt.” — Kid Shelleen.

Although the free-for-all at the country dance is more my style. Hard to write, though. Too many players!


Categories: Research Writing

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