Victorian: Submersibles and flying machines

Jet lag today, home from England. So today we’ll look at more marvelous machines from the Victorian era, focusing on submersibles. Those Victorians were keen to get into the air and underwater!

Flying machines

This looks like it could work in the air or on the water. Versatile!
An energy-saving method. Works best with geese with a quality work ethic.
A great cardio workout with no impact. Good for people with bad knees!
I can’t tell how this one’s supposed to work. Looks like a one-seater.


Swimming aids

Two-for-one. This life-preserver looks like it would take some getting into. You couldn’t walk around the boat in it. But I do like that swimming device. They say water workouts are the best .This one lets people who hate to get wet enjoy those advantages.
And the surf boat rocks you gently to sleep.


Good night!


de Vries, Leonard. 1971. Victorian Inventions. New York: American Heritage Press.

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