Victorian: At the theatre

Yes, this is another post full of pictures but no, it’s not because I’m lazy! (Although I am often very lazy.) I set a deadline for my current project to keep me working apace and then things intervened and the project fell by the wayside and now I’m in a race to the finish and can’t stop to write long, thoughtful posts about history. More of those in November and December, I promise. 

Meanwhile, I hope these will appeal. They’re from Theatre in the Victorian Age by Michael R. Booth (1991; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) which I read in haste before my recent trip to England because book 3 of the Moriarty series will be set in the theater world and I wanted make sure I looked at anything that might be relevant. (I took a backstage tour of the Royal Drury Lane Theatre to satisfy that requirement. Add it to the list, O ye tourists! It was fun.)

All of these would apply to me watching Dr. Faustus at the Barbican.




I’m sorry to say the second one here looks like me at the Metropolitan Opera’s broadcast performance of Lulu. I tried, heaven knows I tried!

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