Texas: Welcome to the Hill Country!

(The Goodreads giveaway is still running. You’ve got until July 21 to enter for a signed copy of Black & White & Dead All Over.)

I promised to do a Monday post about Texas, in support of my madcap Lost Hat series. These posts will be a potpourri of photographs, tidbits from regional newspapers, odd facts from Texas History Online, and even sometimes posts about writing or self-publishing.

If you wish I would write about XYZ, by all means shoot me a comment or an email and ask. The Wednesday posts will continue to be strictly Elizabethan (until we work our way up to James I), but I’m open to suggestions for the Monday feature.

Without further fuss (Texan for ‘ado’), here are some photographs my father took, years ago, at Enchanted Rock. They’re both from the ’70’s, from some trip when my Dad took my brother and a bunch of his friends out to climb rocks and ride bikes. The first one looks down from the top of the rock. The other is looking up while a brave kid climbs down a steep cliff.

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