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This week in the Hill Country

brazos writers2 1College Station isn’t in the Hill Country — it’s east central Texas, for the sticklers — but this event looks terrific. It’s the Women and Crime workshop, Sept. 5 from 9-5. $50 for a full slate of talks and activities.








Yesterday’s news

1759        An expedition left San Sabá on this day on a campaign to punish the Norteños SanSabaDestruction 1(northern tribes) for their destruction of Santa Cruz de San Sabá Mission. Juan Ángel de Oyarzún, captain of the campaign, wrote a detailed diary which survives. The campaign ended in a fortified village near present-day Wichita in a thorough defeat of the Spanish. The failed campaign spelled the end of the missionary effort on the San Saba River. More important, it demonstrated the significant changes that had occurred on the frontier: the volatile combination of Spanish horses and French firearms had given the natives a capability in warfare that came close to matching the Spaniards’ own.


1936        Buddy Holly’s birthday.You remember, the rockabilly star from Lubbock? He met his first band memers at Hutchinson Junior High School and by the fall of 1953 were playing on Lubbock radio station KDAV. Simpler days. In 1955 they opened for Elvis Presley at Lubbock’s Fair Park Coliseum. After an unsuccessful stint as a solo artist in Nashville, Buddy came home and started a new band with Joe Mauldin on bass, Jerry Allison on drums, and Niki Sullivan on rhythm guitar. They drove to Norman Petty’s recording studio in Clovis, New Mexico, to record some singles. They got a contract with Brunswick Records and the Crickets were born.

Buddy Holly The Crickets 1



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