Texas: then and now

This week in the Hill Country

Kerrville Folk Festival
Date: through .
Time: 2:00 pm
Category: Entertainment

Yesterday’s news

1824: James Strange, artist and member of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred colonists, received title to a labor of land in what later became Harris County. Strange is credited with sculpting busts preliminary to a painting of Antonio López de Santa Anna, shown left with quite a gleam in his eye.

1917: A riot erupted in Houston after a black soldier interfered with the arrest of a black woman in the Fourth Ward. The U.S. had just declared war on Germany and troops were coming to Fort Logan for training, Third Battalion of the black Twenty-fourth United States Infantry among them. From the outset, these soldiers faced racial discrimination when they received passes to go into the city: slurs, harassment, segregation, and disrespect. In their two-hour march on the city, the mutinous blacks killed fifteen whites, including four policemen, and seriously wounded twelve others, one of whom, a policeman, subsequently died. Four black soldiers also died. The next day, a curfew was imposed and the Third Battalion was quietly hustled off to New Mexico. Shame on Houston!

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