Texas: then and now

This week in the Hill Country

Not so much my kind of thing, but hey, it’s outdoors and this year they’ll have water. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

24th Annual LakeFest Drag Boat Race in Marble Falls

Marble Falls
Date: through .
Time: All Day Event
Location: Marble Falls
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Yesterday’s news

For the Liberty of Texas Frontispiece 11832: The Battle of Nacogdoches (the start of the Texas Revolution), took place on August 2nd. James Carter and sixteen mounted men (including James Bowie) pursued the Mexican cavalry who were running for San Antonio. At Buckshot Crossing on the Angelina River they overtook them and began a running fight upriver toward Linwood Crossing. José de las Piedras took refuge in a house, but his men turned against him. Capt. Francisco Medina took command and surrendered.

1880: Cpl. Asa Weaver of Company H, Tenth Cavalry [an African-American company], and a small detail of soldiers and scouts skirmished with the Apache Indians near Alamo Springs between the Eagle and Van Horn mountains. Screened by mountains on the west, the cavalry paralleled the Indians’ line of march, covering sixty-five miles in less than twenty-one hours. Around midnight the troopers arrived at Rattlesnake Springs, in the broad valley that separates the Sierra Diablo on the west and the Delaware and Apache mountains on the east. Remarkably, the cavalrymen had outmarched their fast-moving foe. The skirmish convinced Victorio, the Chiricahua Apache chief [portrait below], to abandon the harsh Trans-Pecos region.Victorio Chiricahua Apache Chief 1


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