Texas then and now

This week in the Hill Country

Esther’s Follies

Rockbox Theater
Fredericksburg, TX
Saturday Dec 26, 2015 – Thursday Dec 31, 2015

Esther’s Follies, Dec. 26, 8:00 & 10:00 pm.

525 E. Sixth St., Austin

If you’ve never been, for heaven’s sakes, go!

Yesterday’s news

1861    The Frontier Regiment was authorized by the 9th Legislature of Texas for the protection of the northern and western frontier of Texas from Comanche and Kiowa raids. The nine companies of approximately 115–125 men each were raised and deployed throughout March and April 1862. Company officers were elected by the enlisted men, and many of the enrolling officers were elected captains of their companies. Each ranger captain was given command of two camps. Initially, scouting patrols consisting of an officer and at least five rangers would leave a camp every other day heading south to the next camp and then returning the next day, so that the entire line from the Red River to the Rio Grande was traversed each day. Thus, the line was expected to act as a cordon of protection against Indian attacks on settlements within the line.

Edith Wilmans. From the Texas State Library and Archives Commission..

1882    Edith Eunice Therrel Wilmans, first woman elected to the Texas legislature, was born at Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Her family moved to Dallas in 1885. She married and had 3 daughters. In 1914 she helped organize the Dallas Equal Suffrage Association; later she helped organize the Dallas Housewives League and the Democratic Women of Dallas County, and she was president of the Democratic Women’s Association of Texas. To learn more about the legal problems involved in improving the status of women and children, she studied law and in 1918 was admitted to the bar. In 1922 she was elected to the Thirty-eighth Texas Legislature, where she represented Dallas County, District 50, in the year her husband died. She endorsed legislation for child support and child care and for the establishment of the Dallas County District Court of Domestic Relations. She served only one term in the legislature, and in 1924 and 1926 she ran unsuccessfully for governor. She died in Dallas in 1966.

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