Texas then and now

This week in the Hill Country

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, Dec. 15-24.

Palmer Events Center, Austin.

Hot music, fine art, and cold beer make the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar the place where Austin shops in the giving season. The show is actually two events in one: an art fair and music festival with a vibrant community-driven vibe.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales, Dec. 19, 4:30 & 7:30pm.

First Presbyterian Church, 8001 Mesa Drive, Austin, TX 78731

Welcome the holiday season with Texas jazz musicians Alex Coke, Suzi Stern,  Rich Harney, and Evan Arredondo, illuminating the Dylan Thomas’ short story.

Yesterday’s news

1756    Fray Diego Jiménez was one of the missionaries from the College of Santa Cruz de Queretaro who began Santa Cruz de San Sabá Mission and, later, two Apache missions on the upper Nueces River. On December 14, 1756, he arrived at San Antonio with the five other Franciscans assigned to seek conversion of the eastern Apaches.

1834    Angelina Elizabeth Dickinson, the Babe of the Alamo, was born in Gonzales. By early 1836 her family had moved to San Antonio. On February 23, as the forces of Gen. Santa Anna entered the city, Dickinson reportedly caught up his wife and daughter behind his saddle and galloped to the Alamo Angelina and her mother survived the final Mexican assault and moved to Houston. For their participation in the defense of the Alamo, they received a donation certificate for 640 acres of land in 1839 and a bounty warrant for 1,920 acres of land in Clay County in 1855. Angelina married a farmer, had three children, got a divorce, drifted to News Orleans to enjoy the fast life. She married again, but died “a known courtesan” in Galveston in 1869. Somebody needs to write that book!


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