Texas then and now

This week in the Hill Country

Antique Tractor Pull in Boerne, Halloween Day from 10:00 – 4:00. Tri-County Tractor Pullers Assn of Rio Medina will hold a tractor pull behind the red barn at the Agricultural Heritage Museum. There will be approximately 50 Farmall & John Deere tractors participating in the event. Enjoy a guided tour of the museum while you are there. You won’t want to miss the Blacksmiths either!

10th Annual Halloween Costume Ball at the 11th St. Cowboy Bar in Bandera. Don’t come as a cowboy unless you are one!

Yesterday’s News

1862    During the Civil War Texas contributed two regiments and two battalions of cavalry to the federal tx cavalry 1army. A total of 1,915 men from Texas served the Union… Until September 1863 the First Texas Cavalry was assigned to the defense of New Orleans. During that time two companies were sent to Galveston but did not land due to the Confederate capture of that city in January 1863… The regiment  embarked on October 23 as part of the Rio Grande expedition, landing on the south Texas coast on November 2 and occupying Brownsville four days later.


1909    Fred Lowery, the “king of whistlers,” was born in Palestine, Texas, on November 2, 1909, the son of William and Mary (White) Lowery. He lost his eyesight before he was two years old. His whistling career began with the encouragement of his piano Fred Lowery 1teacher, Peggy Richter, and a bird imitator named Ernest Nichols. They brought him to Chicago where he took acting lessons and had his first spot on a radio show, the Farm and Home Hour. He pursued the whistling career, moving to New York, where he joined the Vincent Lopez orchestra. Lowery performed with many stars, including Bing Crosby, Mary Pickford, and Jack Dempsey. Lowery died at home in Jacksonville on December 11, 1984, and was survived by his wife and son.

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