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SUN April 17 , 12:30-4:30 PMAMERICANA / ROCK / CAJUN FREE SHOWbullock-museum

Gruene Hall, Texas’ Oldest Dance Hall


Bullock Texas State History Museum
1800 N. Congress Avenue, March 12 – July 24
Price: $8-12


Yesterday’s News

1793    San Antonio de Valero Mission in San Antonio was secularized. Pedro Huízar was appointed san-antonio-de-valerosurveyor. Huízar is most famous for the sculpture surrounding the window of the sacristy at San José Mission. There is no documentation that proves that he was the sculptor, but the fact that he was living in the vicinity of San José in the 1780s supports the theories that he was the artist in charge of the rose window and the façade. There are several variations of the legend concerning Huízar’s connection with the rose window. Most of them contend that as a young man he was trained as a sculptor in Spain and sailed to the New World to seek his fortune. According to a few of the legends the rose window was so called because it was dedicated by the mourning sculptor to a lost love named Rosa or Rosita.

1970    The Apollo 13 mission, designed to follow Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 in format, was launched. However, before the crew, consisting of Fred W. Haise, Jr., James A. Lovell, Jr., and John L. Swigert, Jr., reached the moon’s orbit, a liquid oxygen tank exploded, blowing a hole in the service module. The explosion knocked out most of the command ship’s cooling, oxygen, and electrical systems and made completion of the moon landing impossible. Using the lunar module as a “lifeboat,” the astronauts flew around the moon and then returned safely to the earth on April 17, 1970, in their crippled command module. They landed with just fifteen minutes of power to spare.


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