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Panfilo_de_Narvaez1539    The expedition or Fray Marcos de Niza arrived at the Río Mayo in present-day Sonora. This group included Estavanico, the first African to traverse the state of Texas. He traveled with three Spaniards. The four men gained fame and sustenance as faith healers among Indians, although Estevanico and some other Spaniards had earlier been captured and enslaved by the Coahuiltecan Indians. 

Estevanico was a native of Azamor on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. In Spain prior to 1527, he was baptized as a Christian and became the slave of a Spaniard. Master and slave joined an expedition of 300 to Florida, landing near Tampa Bay. Within a few months of walking around Florida’s inner coast, the group had lost 50 men. The leader, Pánfilo de Narváez, decided to build rafts and try their luck along the Gulf Coast. After a month at sea, that raft landed on or near Galveston Island. By spring 1529 Estavanico and the only other two survivors of that journey had traveled on foot down the Texas coast to the environs of Matagorda Bay. This is when they were enslaved by the Indians. By early 1535 these four castaways had escaped their captors by fleeing south along the inner coast and entering Mexico near the present-day Falcón Lake Reservoir.


Germans on their way to New Braunfels

1845    Immigrants’ wagons and pushcarts under Nicolaus Zink’s command arrived at the site that was to become New Braunfels on the east bank of Comal Creek. Here on the rise of land where Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church was later built, Zink supervised the erection of a palisade to enclose the first tent settlement. The site was called Zinkenburg, and the Germans lived there until houses could be built. Zink made the original survey for the townsite of New Braunfels, as well as adjoining farmland, and Zink Street was named for him.


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