Praise for Moriarty Meets His Match

“Enthusiastically recommended.”

That’s what Historical Novel Society Reviewer Steve Donoghue has to say about my latest book. I’m deeply flattered and very proud; I truly value his opinion. Here’s the full review:

“Anna Castle launches a new series of Sherlock Holmes pastiche novels starring none other thanmoriarty-meets-his-match Professor Moriarty with this completely winning volume, Moriarty Meets His Match. The professor comes under suspicion of murder for a crime he believes was orchestrated by his nemesis, Lord Nettlefield. Evidence is being gathered against him by Sherlock Holmes, but when the suspicion shifts to the alluring American heiress, Angelina Gould, Moriarty’s motivation to clear his name is doubled by his wish to clear hers as well.

Fans of both Sherlock Holmes and the man he dubbed the ‘Napoleon of Crime’ will absolutely love Castle’s fidelity to the details and atmosphere of the canon, and newcomers who have never read Arthur Conan Doyle (or, for that matter, John Gardner’s great Moriarty novels) will also find themselves eagerly reading along, thanks to Castle’s great skill as a storyteller.

She knows very well the instinct her readers will have to cast Holmes as the hero and Moriarty as the villain of any story, and she skillfully and often quite wryly subverts those expectations – and delivers a fascinating whodunit in the process.

Enthusiastically recommended.”

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