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The current freebie is a my first novel, Minstrels & Miracles, an historical romance. I don’t plan to publish this book because I won’t be writing any more romances, so this is the only place to get a copy. Hope you enjoy it! (Warning: there are 2.5 scenes with explicit sexual content.)


England, 1101.

Meliora, the last in a line of Cornish queens, must abandon her home to evade a vicious Norman knight. In disguise, she joins a group of pilgrims traveling to Canterbury. She intends to leave them when they reach Dorset to spend the rest of her days in a convent.

Baldwin, youngest brother of a Norman baron, abandons his troop of knights when he learns they’re planning a rebellion against King Henry. He must warn his brother of the plot, if he can make it to Dorset in one piece. He disguises himself as a minstrel and joins a band of pilgrims. Caught between two codes of honor, he knows that whoever may be king, he will have betrayed someone.

Drawn together by a common enemy, Meliora and Baldwin battle their differences and their innermost fears to discover the simple miracle of love that conquers all.