Murder and Mayhem

Four great books for only $0.99! 

Murder & Mayhem: Four Historical Mysteries

I’m proud to be a part of this stellar collection. I’ve read all of the other three books and can highly recommend them. These are all members of the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative, a reliable source of excellent historical fiction. Great writing, clever plots, vivid settings: what more could you want in one handy package? Sale lasts until March 31st.

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Victorian San Francisco: a clairvoyant and a lawyer team up to solve the puzzle of their client’s suspicious death in M. Louisa Locke’s Maids of Misfortune.murder&mayhem The clairvoyant, Annie Fuller, uses fortune-telling as a cover for offering sound financial advice, which would be unacceptable from a woman otherwise. I love the ingenuity of that set-up for an amateur sleuth series. And you’ll love the engaging characters and the walk through old-time San Francisco.

In Elizabethan London, a barrister has lost his life… and Francis Bacon must team up with the son of a privateer to solve the crime. Anna Castle’s Murder by Misrule was a Kirkus Best Indie Books pick for 2014.

Trouble is afoot in the Jewish community of Regency-era London. Mr. Ezra Melamed must team up with a pair of young pickpockets to solve the growing mystery of a strange illness, a troubling theft, and a possible poisoning. Libi Astaire’s humorous Tempest in the Tearoom is “Great fun!” (Kansas City Jewish Chronicle.) If you don’t instantly fall under the spell of General Well’ngone, Astaire’s answer to the Artful Dodger, your heart is made of stone. This book is charming from start to finish!

And in eleventh-century Japan, a haunting, painted screen draws Lord Akitada into the investigation of a complex web of unspeakable crimes… and danger that strikes too close to home. I. J. Parker’s The Hell Screen is an “excellent whodunit. Readers will be enchanted.” (Publisher’s Weekly.) The mood shifts to the dark side for this evocative mystery, vividly set in rainy Japan. Parker knows this intriguing and complex culture thoroughly and leads us confidently into its depths.


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