Moriarty Brings Down the House

Moriarty Brings Down the House

3: Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mysteries

An old friend brings a strange problem to Professor and Mrs. Moriarty…

Either his theater is being haunted by an angry ghost or someone is trying to drive him into bankruptcy. He wants the Moriartys to make it stop; more, he wants Angelina to play the lead in his Christmas pantomime and James to contribute a large infusion of much-needed cash.

The Moriartys gladly accept the fresh challenges, but the day they arrive at the theater, the stage manager dies. It isn’t an accident, and it is most definitely not a ghost. While Angelina works backstage turning up secrets and old grudges, James follows the money in search of a motive. The pranks grow deadlier and more frequent. Then someone sets Sherlock Holmes on the trail, trying to catch our sleuths crossing the line into crime. How far will the Moriartys have to go to keep the show afloat? And will they all make it to opening night in one piece?

Enjoy a sample of Jill Smith’s delightful narration:

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