Maps for the Francis Bacon series

I haven’t put maps in any of the books, for several reasons. First, I didn’t think of it. Second, maps don’t look very good in my Kindle Paperwhite, in my experience, so I didn’t think they would help much. Lots of people read on devices with better clarity for illustrations, but I go with the least common denominator. Now I hesitate to issue new editions with maps, because so many people already have non-map versions. So this is the compromise: maps to download and print, if you like, and tuck into your paperbacks, and/or links to even more maps you can access on your device.

I hope this compromise will be satisfactory. I blogged about John Norden, an Elizabethan map-maker, a while back, though I don’t use his map, preferring the larger, more readable Agas map.

The maps are on a regular page of my site. There are biggish ones you can save as jpgs, links to really nice ones, like the interactive map at the Museum of London, and a couple of pdfs with print-quality maps you can print and stick in your paperbacks, if you so desire.

This one is a preview, from Luminarium.

elizlondon 72dpi 755w 1


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