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I’ve mentioned a few times that I did field work on the Zoque language, spoken in a few villages in southern Mexico. This has nothing to do with my books or English history, except that they still plant corn with a pointed stick in the village where I worked. Here are some scenes from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.


Inside my casita. A desk, a hammock, and a hat — what more do you need?

The bullfight comes to town! The bullfighters were brave and very handsome.

On festival days, St. Miguel must be dressed in his best and taken out to see the town.

A marching band on main street. That’s the general store in the background, where I bought my notebooks.

Every day is laundry day in San Miguel. These were the cleanest people I’ve ever met.

Corn is the staff of life in rural Mexico. An ancient grain that made wondrous civilizations possible.

No fighting for me, thanks!

A view of the countryside. That’s my principal consultant on the right.

No home is complete without a place for its santos.

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