Historical Novel Society


I’m getting ready for this event, packing my garb and shipping my small box of books to the conference bookseller. I’ll be signing whilst wearing my Francis Bacon outfit on Saturday afternoon. Then dinner, then the costume show, during which I will model my lovely brown doublet and hose, and my fine black hat, assuming I find the one I want. I’m looking for one like the one in the portrait of Francis below. My doublet is much plainer and I’ll be wearing a ruff, not a lace falling band collar. Otherwise, of course, we look much alike :-).

This will be my first book signing, so that’s exciting even without the ruff and the fine tall hat. But wait: there’s more! On Friday afternoon, I’m enrolled in David Blixt’s rapier, dagger, and smallsword workshop. Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Friday morning I’ll be in Larry Brooks’ workshop on the architecture of the historical novel. As a plotter, I’m sure to enjoy that one.

The best part, as always at such conferences, will be meeting friends, like M. Louisa Locke, author of the delightful Victorian San Francisco mystery series. I’ll get to meet my editor, Jennifer Quinlan of Historical Editorial for the first time, after working together through 3 books. And I think many other authors from the Historical Fiction Authors Cooperative, of which I am proud to be a member, will be there too.

If you’re in Denver that weekend, be sure to come by and say Hi!

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