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All these document files are in PDF format. 

References about writing, editing, and self-publishing : books&links

Self-Publishing 101

Part 1: Overview and setting goals self-pub101_pt1_overview

Part 2: Editing: Create your best book self-pub101_pt2_editing

Part 3: Formatting & distribution self-pub101_pt3_format&distribute

Part 4: Marketing: Find your Audience self-pub101_pt4_marketing

Other presentations

Creating Interesting Characters castle_characters

How to Write a Mystery how2write_mystery

Learning to Plot from Agatha Christie christies_twists&tricks

Novel-writing builds character Novel writing builds character 

Odd docs

Note: Use these files at your own risk and discretion. They’re just examples, starting points for your own materials. I am not available to help you customize them, sorry. Got my own work to do!

Sell sheet / book info cheat sheet example mbm_cheat-sheet

Anna’s derangedly detailed guide to formatting digital & print novels

Front and back matter

See also Jessica Bell’s handy guide and this article at the Book Designer and these fab examples from the BookBub blog

Ebook front matter example: front_bacon_ebook

Print front matter example: front_bacon_print

Ebook back matter example: back_historical_ebook

Print book back matter example: back_historical_print


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