All of the following document files are in PDF format. 

References about writing, editing, and self-publishing : books&links

Self-Publishing 101

Part 1: Overview and setting goals self-pub101_pt1_overview

Part 2: Editing: Create your best book self-pub101_pt2_editing

Part 3: Formatting & distribution self-pub101_pt3_format&distribute

Part 4: Marketing: Find your Audience self-pub101_pt4_marketing

Other presentations

Creating Interesting Characters castle_characters

How to Write a Mystery how2write_mystery

Learning to Plot from Agatha Christie christies_twists&tricks

Novel-writing builds character Novel writing builds character 

Sample sell sheet / cheat sheet

Sell sheet / book info cheat sheet example mbm_cheat-sheet

Front and back matter

See also Jessica Bell’s handy guide and this article at the Book Designer and these fab examples from the BookBub blog

Ebook front matter example: front_bacon_ebook

Print front matter example: front_bacon_print

Ebook back matter example: back_historical_ebook

Print book back matter example: back_historical_print


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