The Spymaster's Brother

The Spymaster's Brother

6: Francis Bacon Mysteries

Coming June 15!

Book 6 in the Francis Bacon mystery series

After thirteen years in the south of France, Anthony Bacon has come home. He’s seldom strong enough to leave his brother Francis’s house, but his gouty legs are no hindrance to his keen wits. He’s built the most effective intelligencing service in Europe. Now the Bacon brothers are ready to offer it to the lord with the deepest pockets. But before they can open the bidding, Francis finds a body lying in the weeds near an abandoned coach. Worse, the coach belongs to Anthony. Worse still, the man was heard spreading rumors that could destroy Anthony’s reputation — and his market value.

Francis thinks his brother ordered the deed to be done. Thomas Clarady thinks Anthony’s secretary did it, with or without instructions. As Tom investigates, he hears one story after another about what happened out there that night. Which version is the truth? The closer he gets, the more danger swirls around Anthony Bacon. Will he and Trumpet, soon-to-be mother of his first child, figure it out before disaster strikes?

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