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I hereby declare that the term ‘pix’ can encompass ‘flicks,’ so I can use this space to recommend historical and Shakespeare dvds. There’s a wealth of wonderful productions out there and sometimes I just have to share my pleasure in discovering them.

The most important of these is Shakespeare Re-Told, the 2005 BBC collection of four teleplays based on Shakespeare. They’re wonderful, each one, and each quite different in flavor from the other.

First is Much Ado About Nothing, set in a modern TV newsroom, with Sarah Parish and Damian Lewisshakespeare-retold as Beatrice and Benedict, battling newscasters. Hilarious!

Next is Macbeth, set in a Scottish restaurant striving for that third Michelin star. James McAvoy takes the title role. The witches are a trio of garbage collectors who keep turning up in the alley behind the restaurant. Amazing! And sadder than the original, for me.

Third is my absolute, utter favorite: The Taming of the Shrew with Rufus (“the gorgeous”) Sewell as Petruchio and Shirley (“the utterly awesome”) Henderson as Kate. He’s a cross-dressing earl in need of cash; she’s a right-wing politician in need of a husband. I could watch this every day. Blimey, I should just buy the thing!

Fourth is a charming interpretation of Midsummer’s Night Dream. It’s a big cast, I won’t list anyone but the fairies: Sharon Small as Titania, Lennie James as Oberon, and Dean Lennox Kelly in a knit cap as Puck. 

If you haven’t seen these and you’re the sort of person who reads my blog, you are in for a rare treat. Rush at once to Netflix or wherever you get your vids and add it to the top of your queue! Both thumbs and both big toes up and my Labrador is wagging her tail.

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