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Places real and imagined: settings in historical fiction

Stories demand settings, unless perhaps you’re writing some kind of strange existentialist speculative fiction. I’m not. Characters also come from…

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Texas: Welcome to the Hill Country!

(The Goodreads giveaway is still running. You’ve got until July 21 to enter for a signed copy of Black &…

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Cambridge in the sixteenth century

I love maps. I often start planning a book by studying a map of the setting. Shown here is the map of…

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Gray's Inn, part 1: maps

I love maps. OK, I adore maps. I spend lots of time studying maps when I’m planning my stories. Mainly…

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A crooked cruck and a dangling header

Since I can’t think of anything except my major home renovation project, I’ll take a break from Francis Bacon’s life…

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At home with Francis Bacon

  Bacon was born 22 January, 1561, in York House on the Strand. None of his biographers has much to…

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