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Too hot to blog 2

I’ve mentioned a few times that I did field work on the Zoque language, spoken in a few villages in…

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Too hot to blog

So let’s pretend we’re going to spend a week on the Cornish Riviera. I took these pictures on my first…

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Elizabethan places: Coughton Court

Bacon, like many Elizabethans, like to frame complex arguments in pithy metaphors composed of familiar parts. One of my favorites…

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Elizabethan: De orbe novo, The new world

In The Widows Guild, Francis Bacon finds a clue in a copy of De orbe novo (On the new world,…

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Elizabethan. Curare: A new and curious poison

The villain in The Widows Guild uses an exotic poison to subdue and kill the victims. Tom notices imprints on the bed…

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Itchy feet: a travel post

Something about the onset of fall (slow and subtle in Texas) makes me long to go a-travelling. I’m going to…

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