Historical Fiction


Moriarty and the canon

Not this kind of canon! My second historical series, the Professor & Mrs. Moriarty mysteries, is…

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Historical Novel Society meeting, Oxford

I’m off to the meeting of the Historical Novel Society in beautiful Oxford this weekend. (That’s England, y’all; not Mississippi.) This trip…

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Chasing Francis Bacon around the winding stair

Nicolas Hilliard. Portrait of Francis Bacon (at 17), 1578. London, National Portrait Gallery. Used by permission.The…

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Unknown vs unknowable: the limits of research

The archive I used to manage had elaborate metadata templates for its resources, attempting to capture as much detail as possible…

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Places real and imagined: settings in historical fiction

Stories demand settings, unless perhaps you’re writing some kind of strange existentialist speculative fiction. I’m not. Characters also come from…

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Words, words, words: Mental states

My characters get into tight spots. They get whacked on the head and pushed down stairs, sometimes being knocked right…

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