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Launch! Publish and Perish

Please welcome the fourth book in the Francis Bacon mystery series, Publish and Perish. This Publish and Perishone is the answer to my irrational obsession with the Marprelate Controversy, a conflict of great concern and consternation between 1588 and 1593-ish, pretty much forgotten by all but a few shortly afterward.

In brief, Martin Marprelate was the nom de plume of a Puritan writer who enraged the authorities, both lay and clerical, while greatly entertaining everyone else. Martin managed to write, publish, and distribute six inflammatory works before the printers were captured, in spite of the professional pursuivants desperately trying to catch a whiff of their whereabouts. That intrigued me, although I don’t follow this secret press in my book.

In an attempt to recapture public opinion, the church hired a group of popular writers to publish counter-strikes, adding more scurrilous rhetoric to Martin’s. That bafflingly ineffective strategy made me laugh. Furthermore, Martin was never identified in those days. Thanks to a book written in the 1980s, most people nowadays feel confident as to his identity, but there’s nothing absolutely definitive. That intrigued me too, enough to write a book supplying my own solution.

Digital versions available everywhere today; printed versions in two weeks. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Here’s the official blurb: 

It’s 1589 and England is embroiled in a furious pamphlet war between an impudent Puritan calling himself Martin Marprelate and London’s wittiest writers. The archbishop wants Martin to hang. The Privy Council wants the tumult to end. But nobody knows who Martin is or where he’s hiding his illegal press.

Then two writers are strangled, mistaken for Thomas Nashe, the pamphleteer who is hot on Martin’s trail. Francis Bacon is tasked with stopping the murders — and catching Martin, while he’s about it. But the more he learns, the more he fears Martin may be someone dangerously close to home.

Can Bacon and his band of intelligencers stop the strangler before another writer dies, without stepping on Martin’s possibly very important toes?

Launch!! Moriarty Takes His Medicine

My latest book hit the virtual shelves last week. This is the second book in the Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mystery series, Moriarty Takes His Medicine. This series will be Amazon-only until the third one comes out. There are some advantages to having them be available through Kindle Select for a while. The paperback will be available by the end of January, from Amazon or CreateSpace.

Here’s where to find it.

Professor & Mrs. Moriarty tackle a case too ticklish for Sherlock Holmes to handle on his own…

James and Angelina Moriarty are settling into their new marriage and their fashionable new home — ormoriarty-takes-his-medicine
trying to. But James has too little to occupy his mind and Angelina has too many secrets pressing on her heart. They fear they’ll never learn to live together.

Then Sherlock Holmes comes to call with a challenging case. He suspects a prominent Harley Street specialist of committing murders for hire, sending patients home from his private hospital with deadly doses or fatal conditions. Holmes intends to investigate, but the doctor’s clientele is exclusively female. He needs Angelina’s help.

While Moriarty, Holmes, and Watson explore the alarming number of ways a doctor can murder his patients with impunity, Angelina enters into treatment with their primary suspect, posing as a nervous woman who fears her husband wants to be rid of her. Then a hasty conclusion and an ill-considered word drive James and Angelina apart, sending her deep into danger. Now they must find the courage to trust each other as they race the clock to win justice for the murdered women before they become victims themselves.

Cover design by Jennifer Quinlan at Historical Editorial.