Launch: The Spymaster's Brother

The sixth book in the Francis Bacon mystery series is out today. Yay! It should be available nearly spymasters-brothereverywhere ebooks are sold. Print catalogs will take a few weeks to propagate.

Anthony Bacon is home with a wealth of foreign secrets — and a few of his own.

Though seldom strong enough to leave his rooms in brother Francis’s house, Anthony’s gouty legs never hinder his agile mind. He’s built the most valuable intelligence service in Europe. Now the Bacon brothers are ready to offer it to the patron with the deepest pockets.

Before they can open the bidding, Francis finds a body lying in the weeds near Gray’s Inn. The abandoned coach beside it belongs to Anthony. The clues point to his personal secretary. Worse, the murdered man was heard spreading rumors that could destroy Anthony’s reputation — and his market value.

Francis thinks his brother ordered the deed done. His assistant Thomas Clarady thinks the secretary did it, with or without such orders. As Tom investigates, he hears one story after another about what happened that night. Which version is the truth? The closer he gets to finding out, the more danger gathers around Anthony. Will Tom and Trumpet, his very pregnant confidante, sort through the lies before disaster strikes?

Here’s a blog post I wrote about Anthony a while back.

Happy Birthday, Francis Bacon!

Baron Verulam (Bacon’s title at the time of his death) would be 458 today. Celebrate by doing something philosophical. Go out and study something in the natural world, to try to understand how it became the way it is, what it does, and how it affects the world around it. A tree, a bird… Or compare the warmth of warm things, like wool, sunlight, and a dog’s belly. How are they the same and how are they different?

You could also whisk over to the online bookstore of your choice and snag a free copy of the second book in my Francis Bacon mystery series, Death by Disputation. This amazing global phenomenon will persist only until midnight Central Standard Time, Friday, January 25.

You’ll find links to a bunch of bookstores below the cover image. Click on the image to go to the universal link, which supposedly remembers your favorite store for you.

Death by Disputation by Anna Castle




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