Bacon's Essays: Of wisdom for a man's self

Of Wisdom for a man’s self is chock-full of vivid metaphors, which makes it more fun to illustrate from Wikimedia…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Cunning

Back to the official order of essays. This week, we consider Of Cunning, a topic Bacon learned a lot about…

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Bacon's Essays: Of the Vicissitude of Things

In times of turmoil, we can turn to Francis Bacon, who lived through some tumults in his own time, on…

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Bacon's essays: Of Delays

The essay Of Delays is so hard to understand, it makes me wonder if Bacon hadn’t had a little too…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Counsel

I’m expecting Of Counsel to be a goodie. Bacon was a counselor to two major monarchs, after all. He knew…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Empire

Flügelansicht eines Agnes-Retabels: Die Heilige Agnes von Rom verweigert den Götzendienst. Um 1485/1495. (I don’t know…

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