Bacon's essays: Of Prophecies

Happy birthday, Lord Verulam! Francis Bacon would be 457 years old today. “I mean not to speak of divine prophecies;…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Riches

Francis Bacon writing of riches; how rich is that? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the guy…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Plantations

Massacre at Jamestown, by Matthaeus Merian in 1628 When Francis Bacon speaks of plantations, he means…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Discourse

Francis at 17, when he was prone to stutter when especially excited. Of Discourse seems a…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Suspicion

Of Suspicion is short and pithy. Suspicions are not good for your moral or political health. Clouds of the mind…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Regiment of Health

When Francis Bacon gives advice about regimens for preserving health, we should listen. He lived to be 65, which was…

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