Bacon's essays: Of Youth and Age

At last, an essay that mostly makes sense right off the bat. Of Youth and Age is conventional wisdom, mostly,…

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Bacon's essays: Of Usury

Usurer with a tearful woman, 1654, Gabriël Metsue Of Usury is a hard one! Not just…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Custom and Education

Francis Bacon’s first and probably best tutor was his own mother, Lady Anne Bacon. He doesn’t credit her in his…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Nature in Men

When Francis Bacon writes of nature in men, he means “The inherent or essential quality or constitution of a thing;…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Masques and Triumphs

Masques were a very popular form of entertainment at court in the Jacobethan period (James + Elizabeth. Bacon pretends to…

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Bacon's essays: Of Ambition

Of Ambition was published in 1612, so Bacon probably wrote it before King James fell in love with his extremely ambitious…

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