Bacon’s works


Bacon's essays: Of Adversity

You might wonder what an upper crust intellectual could possibly know of adversity? More than you might think, although when…

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Bacon's essays: Of Revenge

Of Revenge is a good one: short & pithy. I don’t know why Bacon chose to place this one so…

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Bacon's essays: Of Unity in Religions

Most of the troubles in England in the sixteenth century, apart from things like plagues and famines, were caused by disagreements…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Death

This one is chock-full of Latin quotes. Sigh. We can get translations, fortunately, from Richard Whately’s 1868 annotations. It starts off…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Truth

Of Truth is the first essay in the 1625 edition. I’m linking to the html-ized versions at for the…

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Happy Birthday, Francis Bacon!

Francis Bacon would be 454 years old on January 22nd. His body is long gone, but his works live on.…

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