Bacon’s works


Bacon's Essays: Of Great Place

Bacon’s essay about Great Place derives from his lifetime of experience as a courtier. He visited Elizabeth’s court with his father, the…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Love

Bacon’s essay about love is next in line, but perhaps appropriate for Thanksgiving week, when so many people gather with the…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Envy

This month’s essay treats of a human emotion so insidious it rates as one of the deadly sins: Envy. Bacon…

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Bacon's essays: Of marriage and single life

In this month’s Bacon’s essay: On marriage and single life, Francis Bacon weighs the pros and cons of marriage chiefly from…

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Bacon's Essays: Of Parents and Children

Francis Bacon had no children, but he had parents, both of whom influenced him greatly. The picture shows the painted…

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Bacon's essays: Of simulation and dissimulation

Bacon isn’t talking about computer modeling in this essay. He’s talking about deceit: when it’s necessary and when it should…

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