Discussion Questions: Moriarty Meets His Match

Moriarty Meets His Match by Anna CastleDiscussion questions for Moriarty Meets His Match, by Anna Castle

1. Mystery novels are supposed to be puzzles that the reader can solve along with the detective — or ahead of him! Did you figure out who the villain was before the end?

2. Who did you suspect along the way? Were there any red herrings that particularly led you astray?

3. Do you think the author “played fair” in giving you enough clues and letting you in on the protagonists’ investigation?

4. Women’s roles were restricted through most of human history, including the Victorian period. A proper woman was expected to stay home and take care of her family. But Angelina Gould makes her own rules, as best she can. What do you think about the choices she’s made? Is she moral, immoral, or something in between?

5. What about Professor Moriarty? Is he right to keep Angelina’s secret, even though that means letting her continue to do crimes?

6. All of Anna Castle’s characters have big dreams, even the bad guys. What do the characters in this book want? What do you think about their goals? Are they attainable, laudable, despicable, absurd?

7. How do the main characters change over the course of the book? Do they get closer to their goals or farther away?

8. What role would you devise for yourself in late Victorian England? Can you think of any advantages to living in those days?

9. Many people read historical fiction as a form of time travel, a way of learning about a different time and place. Did you learn anything from this book that surprised (intrigued / dismayed / amused) you?

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