Professor & Mrs. Moriarty Mysteries

Behind every master criminal, there’s a brilliant woman with expensive tastes…

James Moriarty once enjoyed the quiet life of a professor of mathematics at small university. His greatest pleasure was working out a baffling proof. But when an enemy he didn’t even know he had forces him out of that comfortable refuge, Moriarty can think of nothing but revenge — until he meets the alluring Angelina Gould, who draws him into her complicated life.

Angelina, an actress from early childhood, lives on her wits and other people’s willingness to believe whatever tale she’s telling. She beguiles the cream of society across Europe and America until a crisis threatens her baby brother and draws her back to London. In the midst of that maelstrom, she meets James Moriarty and knows at once she’s found her true match at last.

Together, Professor and Mrs. Moriarty assemble a band of misfits, others who have been cast out, falsely accused, or cruelly treated without recourse or defense. They seek justice where the law can’t — or won’t — protect the victims of the rich and powerful.

“A ‘must’ for Sherlock enthusiasts.”
— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews.

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