Black & White & Dead All Over

Book 1: Lost Hat, Texas Mystery Series

About the Book

“Personality, humor and style…”
— Amber Foxx, Indies Who Publish Everywhere

What happens when the Internet service provider in a small town spies on his clients’ cyber-lives and blackmails them for gifts and services?

Murder; that’s what happens.

Penelope Trigg moves to Lost Hat, Texas to open a photography studio and find herself as an artist. Things are going great. She’s got a few clients, some friends, even a hot new high-tech boyfriend. But when Penny submits some nude figure studies of him to a contest, she gets hit with a blackmail letter in her inbox. “Do what I want or your lover’s nudie pix get splattered across the Internet.” The timing couldn’t be worse, so Penny is forced to submit to the blackmailer’s demands. Then people start dying and all the clues point to her. She has to rattle every skeleton in every closet in Lost Hat to keep herself out of jail and find the real killer.

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“If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted mystery with lots of giggles, look no further. It’s the perfect book for the beach.”

– Cate Baum, Self-Publishing Review – 5 stars

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The Details

Published: June 15, 2015
Publisher: Anna Castle
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 098641302X ISBN-13: 978-0986413025 ASIN: B00WFISKMA
Genres & Tropes
Mystery, Contemporary, Texas

Cover design by Renée Barratt at The Cover Counts [website]
Editing by Lourdes de Venard at Comma Sense [website]