Book launch! The Lost Hat, Texas series

Today’s post introduces my second mystery series, which involves neither Francis Bacon nor the Elizabethan period. I’ll start doing blog posts related to this series on Mondays, soonish, mostly photographs and notes about fun things to do in the Texas Hill Country. Those posts will all be categorized under Texas series, so you can easily find them or avoid them, as you please. If I get more sophisticated about WordPress, I’ll set up separate RSS feeds. In the meantime, please just skip the Texas nonsense if it’s more Bacon you’re after.

Say hello to Black & White & Dead All Over!

Ibw 150px 225Available everywhere from June 1, 2015.

It’s already gotten one 5-star review.

I wrote this before the first Bacon book, as it happens, but after I wrote the second book in the Lost Hat series, Flash Memory (coming in December 2015). That’s the way it happens sometimes. Back then, I was still pursuing the traditional publication route. Flash Memory got some interest from agents (requests for the full manuscript), but no offers.

While querying, it occurred to me that a nice blackmail story would be a better way to introduce Penny to her new home town. So this book came to life. It got about the same number of positive responses, but still no sale. The main objection seemed to be that cozies were supposed to be about crafts, like knitting. Silly me! I had translated crafts to hobbies in my odd little brain and made Penny a photographer. Photography is the fastest growing hobby in America, after all. But men do it, so it ain’t cozy.

What the hey. I decided to switch gears and go back to the past.

After Murder by Misrule landed me an agent, but no sale, we tried pitching the Lost Hat series. Black & White was deemed too edgy for the Big 5’s cozy catalogs. By that time, I had gone indie with Misrule (or should I say, gotten misruly?), so I didn’t try any small presses. You may wonder what’s edgy about this book after reading it. If you figure it out, please let me know!

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