Bacon hits the bricks!

The Francis Bacon Mystery Series is now available in the real world at Austin’s two favorite bookstores, BookPeople and Half Price Books. That means you can buy them in person for cash money, in disguise if you like, so that no one will ever know it was you. In case that matters…

bookpeopleMurder by Misrule is on the Whale Table this week at BookPeople, out in front where everyone can see it. All three books are shelved in three places, thanks to Michael McCarthy, the business accounts manager who handles the indie books. Look for them in Mysteries, Historical Fiction, and Texana, home of Texas authors like yours truly. Woohoo!

All my books can also be bought at Half Price Books on North Lamar. Find them in the Local Authors section right behind the Information desk at the front of the store. (Sorry, they’re full price. You’ll have to wait for someone else to sell them back before you can find them discounted on the regular shelves.)

Kudos to both of these great local centers of books and culture for including indies! I’ve been a happyhalf-price-books patron of both stores since their respective foundings in my home town and am now extra double-plus proud, with cherries on top, to have my books on their shelves.

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