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I’ll be putting the Lost Hat, Texas, mysteries on sale now and then over the summer. They’re great beach reads, fast and funny. You’ll also get a sneak preview of my new Victorian mystery series, coming in June.

Book 1: Black & White & Dead All Over

When the internet service provider in a small town in Texas blackmails one client too many, murder follows. Photographer Penelope Trigg has to rattle every skeleton in every closet in Lost Hat to find the  killer and keep herself out of jail.

Book 2: Flash Memory

Photographer Penelope Trigg finds a body on boyfriend Tyler’s ranch. When he’s arrested, she’s determined to prove his innocence. Mostly, she learns how to lose friends and annoy people until she realizes someone is manipulating the evidence. But is Ty the framer or the framee?


Covers by Renée Barratt of The Cover Counts.