The Widows Guild is an Editor's Choice!

The Widows Guild has been selected as an Editors’ Choice at the Historical Novel Society!the-widows-guild

That means it will be automatically long-listed for the 2017 Indie Awards.

“As in Castle’s earlier book, Murder by Misrule, she brings the Elizabethan world wonderfully to life, and if Francis Bacon himself seems a bit overshadowed at times in this novel, it’s because the great, fun creation of the Widow’s Guild itself easily steals the spotlight.

Strongly Recommended.”


London, 1588: Someone is turning Catholics into widows, masking the crimes under armada fever. Francis Bacon is charged with the investigation by a widows’ guild led by his formidable aunt. He must untangle multiple crimes driven by patriotism, greed, lunacy — or all three.